Preferred Vendors



With PBHS you can build or enhance your Practice image with Websites and videos, Custom logo, Practice Branding, Marketing to your patients and your referrals, and so much more.  Contact PBHS for a consultation to find out how they can assist you with your needs. Email: Jay 

Black Talon Security


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or Black Talon Security understands how complex cybersecurity can be.  We approach every client's network in a holistic way.  Our relationship with you and your practice begins with a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, some basic security testing and conversations around your security goals.  We then take a holistic approach to secure your network, train you and your staff and help you implement policies and procedures to minimize the possibility of falling victim to data theft or ransomware. Cybersecurity is multi-faceted and we truly believe that you must deploy multiple levels of security in order to protect your patient files and practice.  Relying on just anti-virus and firewalls will not stop all threats.  In fact, most practices that have been recently hit had anti-virus and firewalls in place.  Contact Jules Vergara at  for your CyberSecurity needs.

Carestream Dental


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their greCareStream offers many solutions for the Dental Community.  They provide Practice Management software, Imaging Solutions, Scanning Solutions, Electronic services for insurance and patient contact.  If you want to enhance your practice with the latest technology, call Carestream at 800-944-6365 or email Joey at

Integrity Solutions Group


Integrity Solutions Group is a market leader for the installation, service and ongoing computer support of Dental, Oral Surgery, Orthodontic, Endodontic and Periodontics practices across the nation. They have experience with ALL practice management and imaging software.  What sets them apart from other IT service providers is they only service the Dental industry.  Because of this, they understand how a practice operates and how critical it is for your computers to remain up in order to maintain a profitable and smooth running office.  They have over 75 years of combined experience supporting ONLY dental practices Locally and Nationally.

Contact Don Grau at from Integrity Solutions Group, and schedule a visit to review what you currently have in place, check the “Health of your Network” and provide you with a full report and price quote at NO CHARGE.

Kuster Dental


Kuster Dental Designs helps Doctors bring to life their vision for their practice.  They do custom designs, and renovations. James is the owner and lead designer.  He speaks internationally on Eco-friendly designs in the dental industry.  Contact James Kuester at

   to discuss your project. 



Get paid faster with NEA!  I have been personally recommending NEA Fast Attach for years.  I started using this company when they first came out with this electronic solution and they have continued to grow their business and provide excellent solutions for the providers.  You no longer have to wait for the insurance company to receive the requested documentation through snail mail.  You can send documents and images through NEA and get your claims paid much quicker!  Contact Rufus for additional information via phone 800-782-5150 Ext. 1307 or email:



PMA Practice Transitions is a  multi-faceted solution that dental professionals look to for help in buying a practice, transition their practice and everything in between. We strive to help dental practitioners realize the maximum value of their life’s work by obtaining the equity in their practice in order to fund their ideal retirement scenario. Email: 

Bank of America


Providing Doctors with financial solutions to fit the needs of their practice. Contact Byron Stevens at  to help you get started. 



 OMSNIC provides Professional Liability Insurance for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Remlap Holdings


Remlap is a consulting company focused on Oral Surgery.  In the industry there is a large gap between what today's technology in 3D can do and what most Oral Surgery offices are doing.  Most practices have already invested in the technology, Remlap LLC will help them unlock the power of 3D. This improves staff knowledge, patient acceptance and the Digital Dental Workflow in the office.  Remlap also provides services centered around finding the core values of your practice and then building a referral development(sales) team to get out there and present these values to your referrals and potential referrals.