Team Retreats

  1. Do you want to improve your office? 
  2. Does your entire team know the goals of your practice? 
  3. Is there a divide between employees----Admin vs Clinical? (front vs back) 
  4. Has your practice grown so large that you know very little about your fellow Doctors & co-workers? 
  5. When is the last time you had a strategy session with a plan of action you could actually implement? 

Many doctors may see a TEAM RETREAT as a waste of time and a loss of production.  However, what most do not realize is how it can actually INCREASE PROFITS in your practice.   

We work on Goals of the practice and design a plan  for you to achieve those goals.  We also devote time on fine tuning your Treatment presentation skills, Customer Service, and Scheduling.  And of course we always throw in alot of FUN.

 We offer a variety of customized retreats for your practice:  Executive Team, Management, Strategic Planning, or a Full Team Retreat.   We can schedule your retreat at a local venue or at a destination resort.  Let us help you  design a program that FITS the needs of YOUR practice.